Rules Of Playing Craps

Rules Of Playing Craps

Casinos offer us a variety of games that stand out from the rest. Craps is one of the games that has gained quite a popularity over the years. This is because of the fact that the game is unique, and offers an excellent gaming session. In other words, it approaches the gambling world from a different angle. You have to stand to play the game, and there are two dices to roll. That being said, the game is played against the house, so the dealer will have a little edge.


How does the game start?

Simply put, the game involves two dices, and you will have to roll the numbers. If you get the right ones, then you will win the game. You place the wager on the numbers, and when you win the game, you get the money. It’s as simple as that. To win the game, you will need to roll the 7, or 11 in the game. However, if you rolled 2,3, or 12, then you will lose the bet. It’s equally important to mention that game will need you to take some time to know how to do it properly. A few sessions of gambling will be enough.

What are Snake eyes?

As the numbers go in the game, the initial task is to hit the required numbers to win the game. In other words, root for the highest numbers and you will win. Snake eyes in Craps is a unique occurrence. It happens when both of the dices land on one which looks like the snake eyes, hence the name. Though it doesn’t mean that you will lose the game, but it sure does put you in an unfavourable position.

Snake eyes

How to Wager:

Though the player plays against the house, the bets can be made against the other players as well. These bets include Line Bets, Multi-roll bets, or single roll bets. This will entirely depend on the player as to what kind of bet he will make. The rules of playing are simple. The first person who gets to roll the bet is called Shooter, and then the turn moves to other players as well. He will also choose the dices from multiple dices. The initial starts with the come-out roll. The dices are tossed at the farther back, and the numbers are awaited. It’s equally important to mention that the house has the edge in the game. This is obvious as the house has more money on the table. However, that will not mean that the player has slim chances to win the game. A little bit of practice, expertise, and a commitment is all that is needed to hit a win.


Hit the 7 or 11 in the game, and you will win the game. However, Craps is more than what meets the eye. As long as you know how to roll the dice, you will have an edge. At the same time, it will take some time to know the various nuances of the game. In this regard, it will be best to check out the game, and know for yourself.